Károly Róbert University College celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2012. Time has matured the institution to observe the achievements of recent years, consider envisaged concepts with the fulfilments both retrospectively and prospectively. After a period of fifty flourishing years the institution is ready to enter another prosperous era. Our mission is to coordinate the demands of an evolving environment and the constantly developing abilities of the university college in order to provide stability. We aim to gain recognition both nationally and internationally, just as Károly Róbert (Charles I of Anjou) – whom our institution is named after – enforced his authority in a reformed Hungary. Knowledge, innovation and experience are our strengths, and our main task is to transfer and continually develop these skills. We are committed to sustain and reconsider the results of the last fifty years by taking new challenges into consideration. Károly Róbert University College, as a prominent knowledge centre of the Northern Hungarian EU region, is the only agrarian and research (counselling) higher education institution to serve the achievement of competitive knowledge with a successively broadening training offer. Owing to our practice-orientated training programmes, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high quality services, we are able to provide students with the best grounds needed for their future prospects.

We endeavour to perform our duties to our best knowledge and respectfully meet the requirements laid down in the next fifty years ahead of us.

Dr. Ilona Eszter Helgertné Szabó



Over a period of time, Károly Róbert University College has developed its profile with systematic workload to become one of the determinant learning centres in the Northern Hungarian region. The campus lies in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Mátra-mountains with an access to magnificent scenery. The cultural and folklore traditions, along with its history make Gyöngyös a unique place to live.

The mission of Károly Róbert University College is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education and research at the highest international levels of excellence. It offers practice-orientated expert training with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge in various fields of interests, such as Business Administration and Management, Finance and Accounting, Business Development and Management and Leadership from higher-level vocational training to undergraduate and postgraduate studies, implementing the cyclical structure of the Bologna Process at the European Higher Education Area.

As a modern higher education institution, the university college arranges its services according to the expectations of a growing demand of the labour market. The aim of the leadership of the university college is to create and sustain an institution where students can thrive and realize their potentials.

The institution maintains a wide range of international connections providing exchange opportunities for student, teacher and non-teaching staff mobilities. International networking plays an important role in our strategy for spreading the concept of internationalisation among students and staff. The multidisciplinary approach of our staff towards high quality training and research enables us to be engaged in many educational and research projects at both national and international levels.

We provide high quality language courses in English and German for personal, professional and academic purposes at various levels in well-equipped seminar rooms and multimedia studios.

The university college has a modern infrastructure which applies to the educational and research conditions of an achievement-centred 21st century, reflecting the primariness of quality student services and creating an ideal atmosphere in a safe and friendly community. There are many leisure activities and social events to experience, and the state-of-the-art facilities make Károly Róbert University College a great place to be, in and out of the classroom.



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